Don’t Panic. Put Car in Neutral. Turn Off the Engine!

If you experience “SUA” do this!

SUA – Sudden Unintended Acceleration. Occurs when the vehicle suddenly speeds up. When this happens, typically the breaks don’t work, not even the emergency break. Cars can reach speeds of over 120 m.p.h. (190 k.m.h.).

If you experience SUA, there are a few steps that you can take that mechanics and engineers have listed on blogs and in articles. I’ve summarized them, below.

First, and most importantly, remember this: if you can’t get control of the vehicle, immediately turn the engine off.

  1. Remain calm and stay focused.
  2. Press the brakes HARD and hold them down but do not pump them.
  3. Turn the ignition OFFIf you have a “push button” ignition, press the push button ignition for as long as it takes to turn the engine off.
  4. Put on your flashers and then slowly move to the shoulder of the road.
  5. Once you have settled, call for a tow truck (or 911 if someone is hurt or there has been a collision) and then report the problem to the correct government authority.

Now, remember, with your car turned off, a lot of things won’t work, like airbags and other safety features. But airbags didn’t protect Mark Saylor and his family, nor did they protect the scores of other people who have died because their cars decided to kill.

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