Toyota recalls 625,000 Prius vehicles due to faulty engine software – AGAIN

Recalls appear to becoming an annual tradition for Toyota. Last year it recalled nearly half of the third-generation Prius hybrids – some five million cars in total – after another software flaw led to the engine shutting down or slowing unexpectedly, and in June 2013 another recalled was held for the same models over problems with the brake accumulator.  — The Register

The most recent of the many Prius software problems has surfaced with Toyota’s Prius engine software – known as the ECU (Engine Control Unit).  Reuters reported that:

Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday it would recall about 625,000 hybrid cars globally to fix a software glitch that could, in limited cases, shut down the hybrid system while the car is being driven.

The driver will not have any warning prior to the sudden shutdown.

The Prius vehicles being recalled were produced between 2010 and 2014….and they were recalled earlier this year for a problem with engines shutting down at random.  The same model years are affected in this current recall as in the last recall (2010 to 2014).

2004-2005 Prius vehicles also had deadly engine software problems and had to be recalled.

And remember, please:  An engine that randomly shuts itself down while you’re driving it is a deadly problem.  If you are making a left-hand turn and your engine shuts itself down at that point, you and your family could be stuck in a stalled vehicle in the middle of oncoming traffic…and you will be blamed, not the software.

Source:  Reuters, The Register, July 15, 2015

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