Too many problems due to Power Control Module – Probe Requested

Powertrain - Purple in Red Circle jpgIn August, 2014, The Center for Auto Safety requested that the NHTSA open an investigation into multiple failures due to Chrysler’s “totally integrated power control module” (Power Control Module for short). The watchdog group highlighted that they have identified 24 crashes that are related to this module in vehicles built between 2007 and 2014.

This bit of electronics controls the power to the engine, airbag, headlight, horn, door lock, instrument panel, fuel pump Lock Broken in Pink circle jpgand windshield wipers. The Center for Auto Safety reports that as a result of problems with the control module, the following problems have been reported:

  • engines stall or suddenly accelerate
  • fires
  • airbag nondeployment
  • random horn hocking
  • doors not locking or locking when they’re not supposed to
  • instrument panel issues

Car on Fire - Iconfnder purchasedThat same month, Chrysler itself recalled an estimated 230,760 Jeeps and Dodge SUVs from the year 2011 due to a problem with their Power Control Modules because:

  • fuel pumps caused the vehicles to stall or not to start

The Center for Auto Safety noted:

“The (power module) is in millions of 2007-14 Chrysler vehicles and fails at such high frequency that Chrysler has run out of replacement parts,” the Center for Auto Safety said in its letter. “Consumers are faced with a terrible dilemma – park the vehicle until parts are available or ride at risk of being in (a) deadly crash.”

SOURCE: ReutersAirbag black in green circle jpg

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