Subaru’s automatic braking system fails – 72,000 cars recalled

Software glitch impacts braking safety

Subaru is recalling 72,000 cars with “Eyesight” — software that decides when to brake.  Unfortunately, interference from another aspect within Subaru’s systems can cause problems with this automatic braking system.

It has been reported that the braking lights do not always come on when the brakes are automatically invoked.  As well, when Eyesight has identified a need to brake, the interference can cause the automatic braking system not to activate.  (Note:  The brakes continue to work when the driver presses the brake pedal.)

As noted in the website:

The recall addresses a brake light switch that can interfere with the software that triggers the automatic braking, potentially causing the automatic braking to not function as intended.

The “report” from provides an editorial comment that states:  “If you are one of the Subaru Eyesight owners , you’ve chosen wisely. The system brings peace of mind and works as intended . . .”.


The definition of a software glitch is that the software is not working as intended.  How can Consumer Reports state that a software recall has been announced AND tell consumers that the software is working as intended?

Source: June 27, 2015.

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