Report a Problem With Your Car

These links have been put together to help you report any unusual behaviour your car is exhibiting. Governments around the world need to start building a body of knowledge around what is really going on with the vehicles their citizens are driving.

You will note that some of these government sites will request that you chat to your manufacturer first. This is fine, but ALSO REPORT THE PROBLEM TO A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. Auto manufacturers are routinely fined by the U.S. government for not reporting deaths associated with their vehicles, and it is the law. Who knows how many manufacturers are keeping software defects a secret?

Why report?

As a software quality and test expert, I can tell you this: to get to the “root cause” of a problem and to get something fixed once and for all, you need information, a body of knowledge and evidence of various situations that keep happening. We do this in industry — keep a defect log and track patterns. The same must be done by governments around the world so that the right regulations can come into place.

Your help is needed to do this. Not only could you be saving your life, you could be saving the lives of others.

What to Watch Out For?

If you do internet searches, you will find all sorts of places where you can report a problem — some of these sites are supported by safety advocates, although at this time none of them has a software safety focus.  Others seem to be run by car manufacturers.  The best thing to do is to report directly to the government authorities.

Your Car’s V.I.N….Really Important

Automobile recalls can be found based on your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

You can go to this U.S. government website to check whether there are any recalls on your car by entering your VIN.

We recommend that you always keep a record of your car’s VIN as a contact on your phone so that it can easily be looked up.

  • Ceate a contact in your phone with the vehicle’s Make (Manufacturer) and Model as the contact information.
  • In the “notes” section, list your car’s:
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Year, Make and Model of Vehicle
    • From whom you purchased the vehicle (dealer or individual)

You can then refer to this information if and when you need to register a safety concern with any of the vehicles.