Ford recalls nearly half a million vehicles because they might not shut off

Ford announced that it was recalling 433,000 vehicles in North America because the body control module has a software glitch and “is recalling 433,000 new cars and SUVs for a software glitch that could allow the vehicles to continue to run after turning the vehicle off.”  (Even when the engine is turned off and the keys are removed!)

Ford indicates that the body control software issue makes it possible “for the engine to continue to run after turning the ignition key to the “off” position and removing the key, or after pressing the Engine Start/Stop button.”

Although Ford indicated that their concern was that this could increase the risk of having the vehicle roll away or be stolen, another issue should have been identified:  the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.Car with key above - light blue car png

If a driver puts the vehicle in the garage, turns the car off but it keeps running, there is a carbon monoxide poisoning risk.  This is something that Subaru identified when their remote keys had a flaw that could turn the car on while parked and in the garage.

Car Exhaust png


Source:  The Detroit News, Herald Business, July 2, 2015