Criminals unlocking Range Rover due to “lock bug” – 65,000 vehicles recalled

Software glitch helps criminals steal vehicles

Land Rover has issued a recall for 65,000 due to reports that criminals are able to reprogram “blank keys” for in order to start (and steal) keyless luxury cars, including Land Rovers and some BMWs.

According to a BBC report:

The recall follows reports last year that car thieves were targeting some models of Range Rovers and BMW X5s because they found it easy to unlock the vehicles . . . It is believed that a handheld “black box” was being used by some gangs to unlock and start cars that had keyless ignition systems.

… Some newspapers reported that insurers were unwilling to extend cover to Range Rover owners unless they could park in secure, off-street car parks. Other insurance firms insisted on the use of tracking systems that could help find a car if it was stolen.

Source:   BBC online, July 13, 2015

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