Acura’s radar braking system a safety risk – 48,000 vehicles recalled

An Associated Press article not only reported software flaws with Honda’s “Collision Mitigation Braking System” that has caused crashes (since 2013), it slipped in a supportive editorial remark for the flawed software, insinuating that we must use the public roadways to sort out the glitches — putting human life at risk, claiming that this would be better in the long run.

Reports and editorial comments should not be embedded within the same news report unless it is written by a columnist.

The flawed software that Honda is now planning to fix uses radar to scan road conditions and decide when to slam on the brakes.  Sometimes, it brakes suddenly and at the wrong time, causing crashes.

In the recalled vehicles, the system can become confused and step on the brakes when it detects another vehicle accelerating in front while simultaneously driving along an iron fence or metal guardrail, according to Honda, the maker of Acura. The problem first surfaced in Japan in November of 2013 when an SUV braked for no reason and caused a rear-end collision. While Honda investigated, a second incident happened in June of last year.

Honda was later able to duplicate the problem under test conditions and told the U.S. safety regulators in May 2015 that it had a fix and would recall the vehicles.

Source: Associated Press, June 11, 2015

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